Insulation & Mold Removal

A commercial or residential structure in Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Rexdale or Scarborough can become damaged for various reasons such as fire, water, insects or microbial growth, and it’s very important to rid your damaged insulation as quickly and efficiently as possible so as to avoid health risks associated with inhaling contaminated air. At Yvon Insulation, we consider the welfare of our clients a very high priority, and want to ensure that you are living and working in a clean, healthy environment. By ridding you of your old insulation (including spray foam insulation), and installing new insulation, we can increase the comfort of your home or business and improve your environment, with the added bonus of cutting back on your energy costs!

Over the last 30 years Yvon Insulation has been working diligently to build up and maintain our outstanding reputation as the leading insulation company in and around Toronto, Rexdale, North York, Scarborough and Etobicoke. It’s important to examine the cause of damaged insulation, and assess what can be done to prevent future problems, and the experts at Yvon Insulation can do just that. Often we discover that mold formations as a result of water damage are a culprit, which is a serious problem that can lead to serious health issues. At Yvon Insulation, our insulation contractors are very experienced and knowledgeable about mold removals from residential and commercial insulation. You do not want to tackle something like mold removal yourself and potentially cause more damage by leaving behind spores to spread again. Our professionals will remove your moldy insulation quickly and effectively, leaving only new insulation behind with proper disposal of the old, moldy insulation.

Yvon Insulation understands that mold only begins when there is moisture, so correcting the source of this problem is important in avoiding any future moldy infestations in your insulation. Our insulation experts who are highly knowledgeable in spray foam insulation, are here to inform you about how to prevent mold build-up, so please contact us if you think that you might have moldy insulation in your Toronto or area building, and we will ensure that our mold removal techniques will leave your home or place of business fresh and healthy once again!

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